Best 10 Android Emulator Lists For PC

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If you want to test or play android application or game to your PC, you need a software called android emulator, that can make android virtual machine on your pc systems. Most of android emulators are free and some of them are paid version. Below are best android emulator for PC list that you can try :

1. BlueStacks App Player

Bluestack is an emulator that allows the Android users to download, open, play a variety of games and Android applications. BlueStacks itself is quite popular among lovers of Android because of the ease of zoom and performance is quite good, although some users complained about the installation process and uninstall BlueStacks which sometimes can makes us head ache.

download bluestack for pcTo run the BlueStacks users must also have sufficient specification, because with only RAM 1 GB / 2 GB, users of BlueStacks will face lagging when playing the game / open android application in BlueStacks if you have less memory in your PC systems. But the best of them, bluestack is free.

Download BlueStack

2. Youwave for Android

download youwave for android

Before the BlueStacks booming, YouWave for Android is quite well known, YouWave for Android has a display with user-friendly enough. Newbie users can understand easily when running YouWave for Android. Performance of YouWave also quite impressive, quite smooth and tasty run.

Unfortunately YouWave for Android has a drawback that I think is quite fatal, because it is a Paid applications and also not support game Clash of Clans and application of fuel, which is the second popular among users of Android applications. In addition, the latest version of YouWave for Android Ice Cream Sandwich is still that which is already quite “old school”.

Youwave for Android: youwave HomepageDownload Youwave

3. Android SDK

Android SDK download

For those of you who love coding Java Programming Language Android, certainly is not foreign to the Android Emulator obtained from Android SDK. This emulator is usually used for testing applications for the Android programmer. Usually less suitable for end-users or regular users. The installation process was somewhat complicated.

Android SDK : Android SDK Homepage and download

4. Windroye/Windroy

Windroye / Windroy is the Android emulator that comes from China. Display of Windroy was quite interesting and easy. If you have a PC specs are qualified, you can run the BlueStacks & Windroy without problems. Windroy also support game Clash of Clans. Disadvantages of Windroy is we did not get enough information from the official website., Whether the minimum requirements, a FAQ, and so forth. Besides its own forum on the Chinese-language Windroy, very difficult for users who do not understand the Chinese language (including myself: p).

Windroy : Windroy Homepage

5. Andy Android Emulator

andyroid for pc

One more player in the Android Emulator name is Andyroid. Andyroid also uses Android version of the Kit-Kat. Andyroid appearance was quite interesting as the view Android OS in general. If your PC specification is high enough, you can run without problems Andyroid.

Andyroid is a shortage of PC you must have at least 3 GB of RAM, processors that support virtualization (in the name AMD AMD-Intel VT and in the name of Intel VT-x). Andy only support Windows 7 and Windows 8. The download process is also still using the Online Installer that I think is not good for most users (especially in Indonesia). If only Andy lowered specifications, perhaps Andy could be a serious contender for BlueStacks.

Andyroid : Andyroid HomepageAndyroid Download

6. Android x86

Android X86  is the Android operating system that has been modified in order to run on x86-based processor. Android-x86 itself is practically pure Android OS and not fully emulator (called emulator because we can install and run in a Virtual Machine). Android-x86 responsive enough to run even if there are constraints on the support Driver.

Android x86 homepage:

7. Genymotion

genymotion download

GenyMotion is the same as other Android Emulator. And is one of the best alternatives besides BlueStacks. Genymotion also has features such as OpenGL and quite pretty responsive and faster than BlueStacks. Genymotion divided into two parts, namely the Free and Paid versions. Free version has limited features compared to paid version.

Genymotion home link :

8. Droid4x

Droid4x android emulator

Droid4X is one of the newer players in the world emualtor Android. I think personally, Droid4X is quite interesting because it offers some convenience for the users, already installed Google PlayStore, Drag & Drop to install APK applications (Sweet!), Can use the keyboard in emualtor, and so forth. Smooth Droid4X well enough to run, want to try?

Droid4x : Download droid4x

9. DuOs-M

Duos Android emulator-M

Do you’ve heard this Android emulator?. I myself know there named Duos Android emulator-M!. Duos offers a full Android experience on your PC. By using duos, you can play various Android applications. The interesting thing of the duos are duos support multi-touch and pinch to zoom, which is nice for those of you who have laptops that support touch screen. Then how the game COC? Support of course!

Duos shortage is not free, you will be offered for the use of 30 days to use the Android emulator. However, if you really want to buy duos, you just spent US $ 9.99 to get duos! pretty cheap to me, you will get a license in a lifetime! in contrast to Genymotion & BlueStacks!

DuOS-M Homepage:

10. Xamarin Android Emulator

xamarin android player

Another android emulator for windows but also for Mac ios.

Xamarin is yet another android emulator with variety of devices supported, it supports OpenGL, and virtualizes a device instead of emulating it. 

Xamarin :

So..from 10 list of best android emulator for PC, which is you’re think is the top or you have another list?

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