Cash Cow Ugly Sites WSO Ebook Pdf free download

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Cash Cow Ugly Sites WSO Ebook Review

Cash Cow Ugly Sites wso ebook pdf free Download

Cash cow ugly sites : A Great Training of How You Can Set Up Simple Mini Sites Each of Which Will Make You As much as 90. 70 dollar inside a Day on Auto Pilot.

Cash Cow Ugly Sites wso ebook pdf free Download top wso

Perhaps you have ever been to some website and been wowed by its design and magnificence? Perhaps you have ever been to some website to happen to be wowed by how ugly It‘s?

I bet you‘ve had both happen for you. Regardless of how many pretty ones there will be available, some still think it’s the 1990’s !

Cash Cow Ugly Sites is a superb training of ways to found out simple mini sites each of which should actually make you as much as $90. 70 inside a day on auto pilot. This training is founded on Wayne’s research study of how you can setup a portfolio of simple mini-sites each of which needs lower than half-hour to line up. He also will reveals his powerful system that will make the mini sites will rank at the positioning 1 on Google. To do something, you don’t need any money on traffic, PPC, Facebook,PPV, solo ads, blog or article marketing. The internal system in Cash Cow Ugly Sites is simple and simple yet comprehensive.

Cash Cow Ugly Sites Inside Features :

1. The rationale why the majority of folks fail with mini-sites…. Almost know body understands, including so called “Super Affiliates”.
2. Totally kill off anymore rumors that small one page mini-sites with duplicate content cannot work today.
3. How you can outsource the complete system that will put this whole system on auto-pilot, so that you could focus on watching your next episode of breaking bad.
4. How you can make use of this clever system to Flip each winning site into 10-12 times their proven value.
5. How you can use these websites to construct a massive email list and triple the worthiness upon the back-end !

Secretly I type of such as the ugly site’s as in some instances it proves it isn’t the design of the site that brings people back day after day, however the content – Craig’s List is really a perfect example of the.

That’s why when I saw the merchandise named “Cash Cow Ugly Sites”, I had to examine it.

Briefly, the merchandise is about deigning ugly sites that make money.

The Purchase
So exactly what do I state relating to this product launch? It was eventually a mess ! It was eventually quite a challenge to even buy the merchandise, but ultimately the author got his act together and fixed the purchase system.

It cost $16. 54 when I picked it up, but it’s on the dime sale so the value has little question gone up. After purchase there was the obligatory upsells.

Upsell 1 is Cash Cow Outsourcing Elite is really a rather expensive $47. 46 (looked as a dime sale too ) for an item that aims to assist you find a very good outsourcers available.

After that, upsell 2 is really a $27 dollar product called Cash Cow Traffic Elite. You guessed it, It‘s about generating traffic to your internet site !

The Product
Cash Cow Ugly Sites is really a series of 8 video tutorials. They vary from 1 minute (no joke ! ) to half-hour long.

To mention this really is thin content could be unfair, but until I need to module 5 I‘d been feeling pretty ripped off. Even after completing the all of the modules that feeling hasn’t left me. Let’s undergo this content and possibly even you‘ll see why I kinda feel this manner.

Module 1
The very first video had m wondering what I had just bought. It‘s a pointless one and half minute video that basically says hello !

Module 2
This video is yet another short one, at just one minute long. It discusses (briefly in fact ) the absolute basic premise for any online marketing site : pick a niche, build a site, rank it (3-5 days apparently ) and produce a buzz (rank it ).

Spoiler alert ! Wayne, the author, doesn’t actually follow or refer for this again.

Module 3
I‘d been stunned and gladdened when I realised this video was 6 minutes long.  It covers niche selection. It’s a really higher level overview that pushes you towards picking a niche with different product over anything. Now to become fair, that’s most likely not a nasty idea when taking into consideration the site will certainly be purely a few single product.

Module 4
Module four is definitely an 8 minute video that can happen to be summed up inside a few sentences. Here, let me try.

“Pick a domain name which has something concerning your product, but includes a random word inside it to really make it unique”

Module 5
I‘d been so excited to discover this video ! It‘s half-hour long and covers making a website, one among my favourite things inside the world.

It walks you through making a Fantastico (automatic installer ) installation of WordPress and installing a premade site that you may download coming from the members’ area.

Wayne then walks you through editing this content to match your product and domain name. He is very vague upon the subject, so absolute newbies could get lost.

The only real thing he is very clear on is not to remove the header titles but replace them as they‘re for SEO.

Briefly you’re modifying an ugly 3 or 4 page affiliate site.

Module 6
Wayne’s ranking method is old fashioned : buy backlinks. He does mention He‘s no SEO expert so perhaps that’s why He‘s buying backlinks.

This four minute video is mainly a discussion of how you can buy the said backlinks on Fiverr.

Module 7
Traffic production is achieved via adding comments to YouTube, which he says if done tastefully will generate a reasonable level of traffic, which could be possible.

He covers accomplishing this by either outsourcing (to Fiverr in fact ), but spends a lot of the time explaining how you can use Scrapebox and also a micro worker web site to do it right yourself.

I‘d been surprised there was no affiliate link towards the $97 Scrapebox product. I believe he missed a trick there.

Module 8
The last module is really a 3 minute thanks video.

My short review
I’m not visiting call Cash Cow Ugly Sites a scam as It‘s content. It’s just that that content is pretty damn thin, and for me poor quality.

I hate video tutorials, I favor to learn, but I actually wanted more, however it just wasn’t there.

The entire thing feels rushed and amateurish. Now it may be his first product, so I ought to maybe cut him some slack, but surely he should have checked out what he‘d done and realised it still needed some spit and polish?

The most thing that worries me is He‘s teaching new internet marketers that this is actually the way forward.

He believes that these affiliate mini-sites still work, and he could be correct, but I will see this becoming unmanageable. I am talking about he should have to possess several hosting accounts just to ensure that when Google slaps one among his sites (which they‘re going to ) it doesn’t affect all them.

Plus he will require to stay pushing these websites out because they‘re going to eventually get slapped and de-indexed.

Personally I don’t see this like a sustainable business model in the least, and would advise one to skip this product if this appears with your inbox.

If you want to buy this ebook, the price is $17 right now….and you can read and buy this ebook by clicking THIS LINK (will open in new tab)


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Cash Cow Ugly Sites WSO Ebook Pdf free download

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