Clash of Clans Tips and Tricks: Powerful Method of Killing Dragon in Clan Castle Enemy

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Facing Clan War with Town Hall on high level is not an easy matter for clash of clans players, especially if there is a Dragon in the Clan Castle opponent. Come, see and follow the following potent tips and tricks to killing the Dragon in Clan Castle opponents , let Clan War noticeably easier!

For you who have reached a high level of Town Hall, 8 and upwards, certainly will often require high-quality troops as a guard base in the Clan Castle. The most favorite types of troops are normally requested for Archer, Giant, Wizard, and Dragon … yes, Dragon! You know exactly how the dizziness to face the Dragon in Clan Castle while attacking the base of your opponent.

Fortunately, since Clash of Clans latest update yesterday, we could use a new spell, the Poison spell, believed very powerful in combat troops contents Clan Castle opponent. But unfortunately, not all types of troops can be easily overpowered by spell Dark Elixir derived from this, that troops who have high HP as Golem, Lava Hound, and Dragon. Well, on this occasion I will share a powerful way to kill Dragon contained in the Clan Castle opponent.

Such a situation is usually most often you will find the face of the Clan War. The first most important thing you must do is to watch it again a few battles that have occurred. If you see any base opponents who have Dragon on Clan Castle in this (usually the officials Clan / Clan member high level) and win the game, then there is likely he will prepare a similar thing to keep winning. Then the only way to win is to kill the dragon!

Below are some of clash of clans tips and tricks you can use :

1. Try to Pull Out the Dragon from the Clan Castle

Obviously, the most obligatory step. How could kill the Dragon if you have not fished out of the nest? To search for the best spot in fishing, you can see in advance the extent of the range which is owned by the Clan Castle itself. At the time of the Clan War, simply touch the Clan Castle opponent when scouting and see its scope, where should you start “fishing”.

Clash of clans tips and tricks on how to kill the dragon in clan castle easily

Based on the example image above, I suggest that you lure of Mortar which is on the left (in red circle). There are two walls which must be passed in order to fill the Clan Castle hooked troops out, then the troops are suitable for the type of fishing is Hog Rider. Hog Rider will easily jump to approximately the center base of the opponent and he also has HP that are strong enough to withstand attack and Archer Tower Wizard Tower around there until Dragon opponent hooked out of the Clan Castle.

The next important step you must always remember is: do not try to kill the Dragon in a position adjacent to the opposing defense building. It was hard enough to kill the Dragon alone, we should not complicate themselves with receiving additional damage of Defense building opponent while trying to kill him. So, the best way is fished Dragon out farther from the base by using multiple units of Archer to escape from the building reach the opponent defense.

2. How to kill the Dragon

The nature of troops in the Clan Castle will always attack enemy troop that was nearby. This means we ‘only’ need to make the Dragon busy while ita trying slaughtered by troops ber-high damage in the vicinity. But you need to know also that actually uses troop types such as Giant tanker is precisely the measures that are less precise (not entirely wrong) to create the Dragon busy with it. Justu will be easier to kill the Dragon by:

  • Using troops to attack the far distance, because Dragon generate splash damage so it is better if we attacked well from the side and rear;
  • Make the right pattern and the distance between the troops, because Dragon attacks with slow but painful, so when one troop is dead, Dragon will move the target to the other troop and the position could soon be dead before we replace with a new troop.

As easy as tactics in writing, you can use 6 to 8 units Archer only and extract it turns around Dragon. With a slow attack speed Dragon, which is about 1.5 seconds per burst of fire, then we have time 9-12 seconds to make the Dragon busy attacking one troop only.

clash of clans tips and tricks on clan wars

REMEMBER! You should be launched around Archer Dragon before issuing other troop types. If not, the Dragon could distract him and instead kill the type of troop producing your big damage.

Dragon HP has about 1,900 to 2,700, and we have about 10 seconds early just to kill him. With the addition of 2-3 units Wizard, depending on the level, would have to be enough to slaughter the Dragon. Lower the Wizard behind Archer, and let those who kill the dragon’s flamethrower.

clash of clans tricks and tips to kill the dragon

That sounds easy, right? Hopefully not only the COC tips and tricks alone, you could soon prove to apply themselves to the next Clan War you will encounter. Share these tips also to his fellow members of your Clan so that no one else is missed due to the Dragon in the Clan Castle opponent!

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