Fun Guides,Tips and Tricks to Play Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Minecraft Pocket Edition is a simple game, but it can be addictive. We are forced to have the imagination or fantasy fun so the results are also okay. Here we can realize all interesting ideas, even crazy idea, to a tangible form. Well, if you’re lacking a lot of ideas, here are some tricks to play Minecraft exciting. Who knows this would be useful for you 🙂

Fun Guides,Tips and Tricks to Play Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition Guides

This guide will sue you with a good way to start your adventures in Minecraft, and survive on your first day. We will talk about the collection of resources (mining), craft tools (crafting), creating a place to stay and explore the depths of the world minecraft.

There are many different ways to play, and the method below is just one of the methods to start your life in minecraft. After you’ve tried the ropes, do not hesitate to start a new world and trying to do things a little different.
Without further ado, let us immediately start your first day in Minecraft!

  1. Spawn World (early starters in the world minecraft) you can look around and it looks like you are in the woods, hills and a lake.
  2. The first thing you need is a timber (wood) that much. Find a tree was then cut with your hands by clicking the press. try to collect about 25 blocks of wood.
  3. Now look for a decent place for the protection, which will be used as your home. The main block is a rock type and more importantly is coal, coal can be found near the mountains and shaped some of the black line on the rocks.
  4. Now look for a black cracks in the middle of the mountain, yes! it is some coal. Building a house close to the power source is a good idea, so we will set up home here.
  5. You have chosen a place to stay, while it is time to make some crafts (crafting). Press invenory (the “E” or “I”) it will look like this.
    9 bottom box is the active box (used for activity, can use the items to destroy things) how to press the 1-9.
    and 3×9 box in the middle of your existing inventory can be used for storing objects you find.
    and 4 box on the left, parallel to and above, which forms a human body is a place where you can use armor that can be made of some element.
    then 4 boxes forming a box for crafting, and the result is one box to the right.
    The first thing we need is a plank of wood (wood plank) for producing other items.
  6. Place all the wood into a space at the craft (as shown above), and you will see the wood plank (wooden board) on the right. Continue clicks on wood plank until you make 64 wood plank, store in the inventory, do a few times until the wood runs out.
    Once we do this we can make the item a lot better if we make a table craftsmen (crafting table)
  7. Put at least 1 block of wood plank to each in 4 space craft, and you will see the crafting table on the right. Click, grab it and place it in the active box at the bottom.
  8. Now we have a crafting table
  9. Right-click on an empty space and then, see the crafting table is ready for use.
  10. Right-click the crafting table, you can make a craft (craft) containing 3 × 3 box.
    First, we need some stick . save wood plank as above, then grab his stick.
    Save the one stick and woodplank as above, and you’ll make a stone axe of wood (axewood stone) can be used to split the stone.
  11. You can also make wooden axes that could be used to cut down trees.
    time for mining (mined) can use the ax to cut wood, because if it was not the right tool then this job will be slow.
    You own stone from the mine, create a better axe was this helps you work further, because better items easier to work.
  12. Search coal, create a path to get there, or you can dig up underground. You’re mine coal, and see the point of it is coal that fell, the one and grab hold. Keep torch for illumination in order not to dark.
  13. Form a space to survive, you can use stone mining products to make a home.
  14. How to make a door, place the wood plank in a 2 × 3 in the crafting table as above. Placing the door can be a little tricky. Select the door, then walked into the opening, and look at the floor. Check the image above for where you should be aiming. Now right click.
  15. Viola! A door! The door is very useful, because they stop the monsters inside, but also lets you through. Simply click on a door to open or close it.
    Now we are safe, it’s time to prepare some digging action. Let us first create a place to store everything we found. Go to the bench craft.
  16. Draw a square on the board (as shown tips above ), and you will make crates for storing gifts you go treasure chest down place wherever you want, as you do with a bench craft, then right-click on it. Now you will see a lot of space to put items, just in case you run out of space in your personal inventory.
  17. we need to make the stove as well. Furnace used to melt down certain blocks and create more useful items – melting iron ore to make steel, for example, while sand will make the glass melt, just in case you want to add some windows to your place!
    Create a rectangle of stone (as shown above) and then take the stove and put it anywhere. Right click on a stove.
  18. In the furnace, you will see two spaces separated by an empty symbol of fire. The place of coal in the basement, so whatever you want to heat up in an upstairs room. Not everything can be used, so experiment with different blocks and items to see what happens.
  19. One last thing before we go to venture – we can meet bad things there, so let’s kit ourselves out with the means of attack! Go to the bench craft and put a stick under two stone blocks, as shown above. We now have a sword to cut crime by creatures.
  20. Make some more a stone axe, and then let’s start digging! Do not forget to put the torch on the wall as you dig, so you can see where you are going and to stop the evil things appear. The majority of the cool things to discover that far below the surface, so finding and digging down is a good idea. NEVER dig straight down – you really do not want to fall and kill yourself in an underground cave!
  21. You can see above that I have made a ladder, but I have to jump every step. Let’s fix it. Go to your bench craft again.
  22. Create a step with rocks, as shown in the picture on your screen. Take a good number of steps and put them in active preparation. Now talk to your neighbor, you select the stone steps and put them down with a right click. They may initially seem facing the wrong way, but just keep putting them down in the correct place and hopefully they will rotate to face the right way.
  23. And there we have it – the stairs we could walk easily! Continue to explore, create your own room and found the material more attractive and underground surprises. Eventually you will either run out of space in your inventory, or all of your pickaxe will be damaged, so let’s get back to crafting bench.
  24. See it – we dig so busy, it turns out the day-time and we did not even notice! Let’s go outside and explore.
    If you are exploring and you want to find your way back home, just put the torch on the ground along your path. By doing so, you will be able to follow them back – think of it as a sort of breadcrumb trail. Finally, you may find some very interesting area to explore.
  25. There are already a lot of secret, underground passages around your Minecraft world, and exploring them is a lot of fun. Make sure you take a lot of boards, axes and torches with you on any adventure.
  26. Now and again you will find the villain in the daytime. Let them walk out into the sun, and they slowly burn to death. You will then be able to achieve any particular item they watch!
  27. Look for iron ore on the go – looked like a beige cracks around the rock. Iron ore can be introduced into the furnace to make iron, which then in turn can be used to make armor, helmets and shields to protect themselves.
  28. Dig deep enough, and you may find underground rivers and lava. They are a lot of cool things to discover in this region, so it has a good hunt around. Just make sure to be careful when you are near the lava, and do not hit blocks around it, otherwise it may just spread out and touch you …
  29. At that time, you will most likely be burned and die. Dying in Minecraft is a bit of a pain – you will be taken all the way back to wherever you are first spawned from, and have lost all your items. You can actually walk back to where you died and just select all the items you fall, but normally it would be far too long a journey that will interfere.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Tips and Tricks

  • Always make storage area to store our precious treasures. Do not forget to protect these buildings with a variety of attacks Creeper traps that can infiltrate any time
  • Making the limited water resources baseball with two buckets of water only. If taking water from sources that we have made, try to take it from a central position so as not to crumble
  • To survive while in the water, use a torch. With the torch will create air bubbles that make can breathe while
  • The torch is classified as one of the important items. Besides can be used in water, the torch can also be used to clean up piles of sand and gravel and could also keep him from falling or damaged.
  • Try to have a supply of torches that much, especially when you’re exploring caves
  • When burning easy solution is to log off
  • When against the skull, wait about a second until she was first attacked with arrows. Then ran up to him and jump to avoid being hit by an attack earlier.
  • Water can be used to remove the grass.

This minecraft tricks is a point to make the building and can be used in survival mode, the following steps:

1. Use Disposable Pocket inventory editor, more simple
2. Download and Install
3. Make sure had the world, creative or survival can kok
4. Open Pocket Inventory Editor
5. Select the world, and press the edit world information
6. find mode and change!
7. Done
You can also make others like: fly in survival, Infinite health, etc

If you want to play this game on your pc, you can also look my other post on how to download minecraft full version, see you in the next minecraft pocket edition guides, tips and tricks 🙂

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