God of Gems – Clash of Clans Private Server Editions for Android and IOS

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God of Gems is named for the project to modifying the ordinary clash of clans game into new COC game with new characters, like hero..troops and dark troops. This only can be done by an android programmer with special design to create new game with own private servers. Rather than to hack the original supercell servers, which is pretty much “impossible”, so..by modifying the game and adding new characters on private servers is easily to be done.

God of Gems – Inside The Game

Just like the other clash of clans fans, you will really playing clash of clans with pre-installed new hero and dark troops. The cool things is we will feeling how to play with Town Hall 11 unlocked, build and make great base to defending our town hall or thinking about the strategy – how to attack the other player TH11 base…cool isn’t? 😀

god of gem clash of clans hack apk mod

Game Patch Update and Features

god of gems - clash of clans hack for android and ios download update

  • Barbarian Kings lv.50
  • P.E.K.K.A King
  • Goblin King
  • Giant King
  • Damager Queen
  • Wizard King
  • Witch Queen
  • Dragon King
  • Balloon King
  • Hogs King
  • Wall Breaker King
  • Laser King
  • Valkyrie Queen
  • Minion King
  • Lava King
  • Golem King
  • Xbow Queen
  • Rocket Launcher Queen
  • *NEW* Dragonbound
  • *NEW* Gunbound

download god of gems clash of clans hack patch update

god of gems clash of clans hack patch update download

  • DataBase Will be resetted on this update because we are moving to new server due to many users/players
  • New Server 24/7 online and uptime faster server
  • Adding New version apk fixs for android 5.0
  • install bug update v2,because ucs unsuport ammo, xbow and dark tower no need ammo per run.
  • update v1New buildings
    – communication mast
    – goblin main building
    – goblin hut
    – townhall
    – you can build now with no limit ! Max is 1000 for all buildings
  • New troops
    – villager
    – workers
    – weather vane
  • Spell
    – damage of lightning storm improve, halloween animation
    – unlock santa’s spell
    – Unlimited Spells
    – haste are now just giant
    – new animation for jump spell
    – if you up you freeze spell, you improve is radius and time.

Heroes not play once is powerNPC fully unlocked and now the map is war map !
Add more trail for projectiles

Particles emitters change
– best for witch
– purple fire for dragons
– pick up your factory for look !
– much more

New unranked league icon and award in end battle !

buy gems in shield’s shop

Other :

– halloweenskels summon witch don’t scared
– inferno tower add new animations and is deal radius damage, he is just terrifying
– original supercell’s npc map for like attack npc
– some other details

APK for Android and IPA for IOS Fixed and updated.
Adding new stuff on server
Some more updates for server makes conenction fast

Are you ready to be a god of gems on clash of clans?. Get Hurry…Limited for 50 user only!!.

Click on link below to get invitations and download the APK (Android)/IPA (IOS) file

For Android User

Download God of Gems for Android

For IOS User

Download God of Gems for IOS

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