GTA San Andreas Free Download For PC Full Game Version for Windows

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GTA San Andreas Free Download For PC Full Game Version for Windows

GTA San Andreas definitely lives up to the Grand Theft Auto name. In fact, it’s arguably the best PC game in the series.

GTA San Andreas Minimum Requirement Operating System :

Windows 2000 (with Service Pack 1 or higher)
Windows XP  (with Service Pack 1 or higher)

Processor: 1Ghz Pentium or AMD Athlon
Video Card: 64MB Directx9 compatible (GeForce3 or better)
Soundcard: Directx9 compatible
DirectXOM: 8x DVD ROM Drive
Hard D Version: DirectX 9
DVD-Rrive: 4.7 GB free hard disk space
Peripherals: Keyboard and mouse

Source : Support rockstargames

GTA San Andreas Features :

gta san andreas features

GTA San Andreas Short Review

Inside the year since Rockstar Game’s incredible Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas was released, lots of unbelievable software has come and gone to the PlayStation 2. Metal Gear Solid 3, God of War, Shadow from the Colossus, and Devil May Cry 3 have all pushed the limits in our imaginations with the excellent concepts and mechanics, and also have continued to line standards and expectations on exactly what a videogame ought to be.

it is still a good experience even I think GTA 5 still much better — along with other when compared to a few extras which have been added outside from the software, it remains unchanged. With that on your mind, we present below a modified version of the initial review that ran more when compared to a year ago with a few specific changes. One : the overall opinion from the piece is skewed a little to reflect the top quality software that is been released since, and Two : We‘ve now added mention from the bonus extras included inside the special edition package.

I am not visiting beat all around the bush. Grand Theft Auto : San Andreas is among the very best PlayStation 2 titles I‘ve ever played. It is larger than a lot of the biggest RPGs, has more story compared to the heftiest adventure titles, and also has almost as much mini-games as Nintendo’s Mario Party. Additionally, it features a production value that is second to none, boasts faithfulness to ’90s source material by having an eerie accuracy, and provides more hours of entertainment than all of the previous Grand Theft Autos combined. Briefly, it is a terrific unending masterpiece of the game — and one which can never become victim for an over-exaggeration of their lofty status. It is still one the defining bits of software for Sony’s successful sophomore system, then it‘s almost impossible to imagine a PlayStation 2 library without it.

Now I understand that having a statement of that sort, I leave lots of expectations upon the table. Immediate questions from longtime GTA players (and haters ) will little question surface regarding what type of problems San Andreas should have. Will the framerate still stutter? Is pop-in and draw distance still a problem? Exist any collision quandaries or any other graphics-related bugs? Will be the sound effects still tame by other action game standards? Will the AI ever have stupid moments or otherwise perform the way in which you’d want it to? And it is it true that there is simply no sort of online play whatsoever? In all honesty, the solution to those questions is really a definite yes.

To begin with, the frequencies of which the graphical hitches mentioned above appear as compared to once they do not is so lopsided, I am left unaffected. Additionally, there is literally such a lot to experience inside the single-player game the insufficient online functionality is not missed in any respect (as the minor sound effect kinks along with other presentational issues get completely dwarfed by everything else this game does right). The large curiosity, after all, is precisely what can it be that San Andreas does so right at all?

GTA San Andreas Free Download For PC (Full Game Version for Windows) – 606 Mb

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