How to Unlock and Get League of Legends Riot Points for Free Without Paying

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Wants to the last champions on League of Legends?. Free Skins code?. Free daily of Riot Points?. Then you’ve come to the right place. You do not have to spend anything to get what you want in the League of Legends games.

league of legend Riot Points code free without paying

What you read here is not wrong. Many questions come to our email asking for “how to get League of Legends (LOL) Riot Points?” or “how to get League of Legends skins code?” for free withour paying any cent on real money. Here we give you some informations on how to get free riot points daily on your account that can be use to play war at LOL. Here we give Riot Points code for free everyday for our loyal blog subscriber. That is only possible by our sponsorship on our blog, Facebook group and Facebook page. 🙂

League of Legends Riot Points and Unlocked Skin Free Daily

league of legends unlocked skin code free download

league of legends (LOL) unlocked skin code free download daily

Free Riot Points code can be given everyday with limited Riot Points “Up to” 1500 RP per user account/day which can be used on your LoL account/id. You will get the code that are already given by our sponsors and only available here at

But “to get League of Legends Riot Points code for free”, it is advisable to follow some simple actions through our website, which includes like downloading our sponsors game or application…or just a simple task like “ENTERING YOUR EMAIL/ZIP CODE or PHONE NUMBER to VERIFY”. This can be a only way that will make this giveaway achievable. Without this… we might probably not have the ability get new sponsors in addition to distribute the particular code.

After following the steps above, the particular code will appear and you’ll now put it as a prepaid code on your own League of Legends (LoL) account. Then your own account will be credited with the amount of Riot Points generated before and will be transfered in few minutes.

Everyone could participate but maybe not everyone could get free LOL RP, while the demand from other users is extremely large and also the RP codes is usually consumed speedily, so most of us ask every single user to create only one code every day, so every person can reap the benefits of League of Legends Riot Points Generator.

Video Tutorials on How to Get Free League of Legends (LoL) Riot Points


Video Tutorial PART 2

Manual Instruction

  • If you have add blocker…please turn off first
  • Enter you League of Legends summoner name ( your account id )
  • Select your LoL account region
  • Wait and look if your account is connected
  • league of legends RP generators
  • …..
  • Select the the amount of Riot Points to generate and click GENERATE
  • Wait for the code generated succesfully
  • Pass through Human Verification by choosing one the simpliest captcha ( entering your phone number/ email / zip submit is the easiest and quickest )
  • Done…and wait for 2-5 to RP code generated and transfered to your account

Ok…that the easiest tips and method on how to get League of Legends RP ( Riot Points ) and skin code for free. If you have any trouble or questions…please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below 🙂


League of Legends Riot Points code free daily

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