One Piece Manga Will End Soon?

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TOKYO – The Author of manga One Piece, Eiichio Oda, said to have made the final volume of the manga. Thus, after 18 years, the adventure of Luffy and his friends explore the ocean will end.

One Piece Manga Will End Soon News

Published by Japan Today, Oda has drawn up how the story will end well. The author has also planned a number of volumes towards the end of the story of One Piece.

After holding lengthy talks with Oda, Taku Sugita publishers Shueisha magazine-expose, the author already had the idea to finish the story of One Piece. The idea was expressed Oda when he scored the final story adventures Luffy and his friends.

Oda also provide clues to Sugita about how much volume will he made towards the end of the story of One Piece. According Sugita, there will be a 120 series that also includes the latest manga series that has been prepared Oda.

At present, 78 volumes have been published. From this series, perhaps the end of the story of One Piece will already be visible.

One Piece is an anime and manga that tells the story of a group of pirates led Monkey D Luffy. They roam the oceans to find the legendary treasure called One Piece. Luffy then became a rubber man who has the power to lengthen his body after accidentally eating one fruit of the devil, Gomu. During the trip Luffy met many new friends and enemies are diverse.

One Piece manga first published in 1997 in Shonen Jump published by Shueisha and still continues. The television anime began airing in October 1999.

In February 2005, One Piece record in Japan as a manga publishing the fastest to reach 100 million copies. Until now, the One Piece is one of the best-selling manga in the history of Japan with sales of more than 260 million copies.

Besides the One Piece manga also broke the record for the highest first printing. Manga was praised among the readers, especially in terms of images, characters, humor, and stories.

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