Set of Latest Android Games This Month – July 2015

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Gamers of Android smartphones and tablets, at the beginning of this July arrival of many exciting and high-quality games. Although some of whom had earlier released on iOS devices, there is nothing wrong if you play a new Android devices now in your beloved gadget, right?. In addition to the five selection of following the latest games, see also the reviews some of the famous game following update.

Soon, Vainglory will be officially released for Android! While waiting for his presence next week, consider the latest choice of five games, and news updates for best games on 2015 here. Let us together to defeat Dr. Eggman in Sonic Runners!

1. Sonic Runners

sonic runners for android full version free download

Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Amy Rose, and Dr. Eggman, you must know the names, right?. Yes, Sonic Runners is now available globally for Android devices. And classic games from SEGA’s legendary guaranteed to make you hooked with its new appearance and a myriad of fun. If the first Sonic will only run alone, now he will be accompanied with more friends together to collect as many ring and save the Animals of bondage Dr. Evil Eggman. Try also use power-ups that will make Sonic and his friends ran through the ground!

Download Sonic Runners on Google Play

2. Siegefall

Siegefall for Android Full Version Free Download

For the Clash of Clans for lovers, it’s time you move on! There is a new game from Gameloft called Siegefall which has a super cool audiovisual quality. It is similar to the CoC, but there are many differences in the content that you have to try in this free game. First, you can control the Hero and the groups attacked troops that direction more regularly. Second, create and use magical cards to destroy the opponent’s fortress or call the dragon bursts assistance as well. Third, you also have to build a strong base to form a more diverse buildings. Are you ready to tear down the kingdom of the other players?

Download Siegefall on Google Play

3. Formula Cartoon All Stars

Formula Cartoon All Stars for android free download

Do you know Finn and Jake from Adventure Time?.Let’s.. download it now and feel the thrill of the race with cute cartoon characters from Cartoon Network in Formula Cartoon All Stars. Not the kind of racing game too seriously, because you will feel like to reminisce with the game Crash Team Racing (CTR), which used to exist in the PlayStation 1. Full Racing joke, 75 race tracks with various themes cartoons of Cartoon Network, or create your favorite kart car alone of 100 parts are available, and many other features that are available in this game. Oh yes, when the race will not forget to use power-ups like rockets crusher so that you can be a champion!

Download Formula Cartoon All Stars

4. Warhammer Quest

Warhammer Quest for android free download

Next to the strategy game with high-definition, there is Warhammer Quest that must you try to play. This one game series is a spin-off from the Warhammer franchise series ported from its PC version on Steam. Unlike Warhammer 40K, here you will be presented with four characters hero who explore dungeons containing a number of monsters, ranging from Goblin, Orc, Troll, and many others. Use your best tactics to attack the enemy with a myriad of skills which you have to play turn-based style. Do not forget to grab valuables that you can from the monster!

Download Warhammer Quest

5. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions

Geometry Wars 3 Dimensions for android free download

Are you bullet hell game lovers?. You will definitely like the candidate for the best shooter games of the year, Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions. Ported from the original version on the PlayStation 4, its mobile game version was presented completely without reducing the quality of the audio, visual, and its gameplay. Once released earlier a few weeks ago on iOS, now you can enjoy it in your beloved Android smartphones and tablets! Play campaign mode to conquer 50 levels are available or challenge yourself with a classic arcade mode that is guaranteed to make you like this game.

Download Geometry Wars 3 : Dimension

So from our choice, that’s the latest best android games for this month, july 2015…. what do you think ? 🙂

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