SexyBot Forex EA Full License Download – Best Trading Robot for MT4

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About SexyBot Forex Scalping EA for MT4

Sexybot EA is one of the best forex trading robot for MT4. From the creator of this robot claimed, he made over $116,858,359.80 started from $100 in one year. Attracted and intrigued by this robot, then we buy a premium member license for unlimited account for $2999 !!, for more informations…you can visit the official sexybot webpage ==>> HERE <===

So…how good the performance of this EA robot?. You can see from our video below..

Sexybot EA is easy to install and setup…, even a noobs can do it. Less than a minutes, sexybot will handle your trading automatically..but be carefull…sometimes you need to handle it manually, because in some case…this robot can make a huge profit during news event and some broker can be canceled for those profit.

sexybot EA Backtest performance


One thing you need to know, sexybot will works best on broker which have low spread and slip page…and those for…you need a windows vps near your broker server to install and run sexybot. And $100-$200 deposit is good enough for start.

Here’s quick view the setting of SexyBot:

sexybot EA premium membership license download

Download sexybot EA premium membership license

  • Trend handling : choose, are you want to following the trend or want to countering the  trend
  • Built up with target money and stoploss
  • Sexybot is not any grid or martingale robot
  • Risk per trade, you can enter any risk per opened position ( becarefull of this option )
  • You can setting on how much lot minimum or maximum would to trade, or just use fixed lot as you want
  • Sexybot can running on multiple timeframe ( M1, M5, M15 ) as you like
  • Money Management feature
  • TimeFrame filter, if you want sexybot only trade on spesific season ( Tokyo/London/USA) or setting on your own time

Here..only on, we will give you sexybot EA license for free, and wil be limited for LUKIEST 10 persons only !!. No matter you’re a students, retirees, someone who want to earn passive income, job seeker, or even an unemployment !!

Download SexyBot Forex EA Premium Member License

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