The Latest Android Games This Week – September 2015

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The first week in September is indeed very colorful. There are many variations of mobile games that you can enjoy with various offers also, free or premium. Besides UNKILLED, The Deer God, Power Ping Pong, and the Goat Simulator Simulator MMO that already we proclaim in the collection of the latest iOS game yesterday, you are also required to update to the latest Android games more guns less exciting. The following is a summary of the details.

1. Legendary Altrone

Legendary Altrone for android full version download

A RPG game with an artificial playing style card battle game, Legendary Altrone. Developed by Luminov,game developer from Indonesia, this game has an interesting storyline to follow. Told you and five others are called to the world artworld to restore life back there by controlling robots Altrone legendary. Choose one of six characters have different strengths from each other. In the turn-based battle system, you can set the best strategy to create a strong deck of cards and use the right combination of cards to defeat the enemy.

Download Legendary Altrone

2. Armor Academy Shape It Up!

Armor Academy Shape It Up android gameFor you who like racing, guns forever you have to play a racing game. This time you can already play a unique puzzle game called Armor Academy Shape It Up !. Imagination is the key to winning puzzle in this free game. You should be able to estimate the pieces of flat wake anywhere if it were to form a flat wake intact requested. The rules are very simple and easy to understand, but if you can not play fast then the resulting score will not be great.

Download Armor Academy Shape It Up !

3. Infestor

download infestor android game

Not investors continue to invest, the latest game from Noodlecake Studios is entitled Infestor. You, in this platformer game was only a small green liquid, but your real strength is incredible. You can manipulate your enemies, the human being, in a way attacked his head and take control of the body to bypass the obstacles that you face. Every human being you encounter is unique so you can empower the complete 60 levels are available.

Donwload Infestor for Android

4. David

download David game for android apk full version

Sometimes a mobile game with a very simple concept is less able to attract the attention of gamers. But not with David .. this premium game store secret that is guaranteed to make you amazed if it starts to play. David is a tiny organism that is selected to be a hero in a simple world. But in the world inhabited by a abstractive the wild organisms that do not like the presence of David. Help David to survive by using the power of its slingshot to destroy the enemy wild.

Download David game for android

5. Dungeon Journey

dungeon journey android apk free download

Five to ten dungeon hell are used really, we can accomplish much in different dungeon RPG games on mobile devices. But what if the number of thousands dungeon ?. If you dare, please download and play Dungeon Journey. Choose one of three hero classes available, dealing with hundreds of monsters underground in hand-the hand only, and increase the power of your hero. With a unique style of play, this game combines the gameplay a la Minesweeper-roguelike RPG game with 3D graphics. You can find a lot of chances to win if you use a spell at the right time.

Download Dungeon Journey

6. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville

Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville android apk download

Well this one is the game that is most welcomed and not less cool than five games above. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville is the third series of the game simulated recovery of a city in the middle of a zombie outbreak dangerous. Along with some human remains, you will begin to build a human life that is healthy and safe manner dangerous to explore the area, searching for the ingredients of food left, kill all the zombies in there and reclaim your territory. But there are also times when you have to make friends or even compete with fellow human beings in a different area.

Download Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville for android 

Well…thats 6 new comers on android games this week. We have chosen the best android game for you to play and download. Or do you have idea of any game that we need to put in the lists?. Just let me know and put your comments below…have a great weekend 🙂

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