Tips for Installing Google Play Store Manually

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Your Google Play Store app just disappear from your android smartphone?. Or does not exist from the beginning you buy it?.Hey Guys.. don’t panic, consider and follow these tips and tricks to download and install the Google Play Store apk manually here!.

google play store apk free download for android

If you experienced the Google Play Store app technical problems such as can not open or display a notification Error with code specific numbers, you can follow these tips and tricks on how to fix it in an article written by my friend. But what if the type of problem is the Google Play Store does not exist at all?

This may occur by several causes, for example, may be due to protection browsing your Android smartphone or tablet that is less secure so that the smartphone you have a virus or malware that cause the elimination of the Google Play Store. Or maybe because you bought a smartphone in any place without checking the contents first, you find Android smartphone or tablet without the default application that is very important.

How important the presence of the Google Play Store on your smartphone because without it you can not use the super cool applications for Android. That ye guns dizzy again if this happens to your smartphone, your family members owned or belonging to your friends, you can see and follow these tips and tricks on how to install the Google Play Store manually.

1. Get the APK file for Google Play Store

The first thing that you shall do of course is to have the Google Play Store APK file. For you are not too familiar with the APK file, the file type is similar as .exe files contained on the Windows operating system to install an application, as well as the .apk file to the Android operating system.

Fortunately you can get the files…. I mean free in XDA Developers or at APKMirror.

2. Change the Settings rules

Then after having APK file, you can not directly install it just like that, unless you have a smartphone with a security settings to allow it. To check its status and change its security settings, you can follow the steps below:

  • Open Settings> and select Security
  • In the Device Administration, click on the box in the Unknown sources
  • Then the question will appear, click Ok
  • And then the check mark will appear in the box

google play store apk download

The objective of these security settings is to allow the smartphone or tablet to install the APK file that you ordered. As a reminder, you should disable re-setting from the Unknown sources after completion of installing the Google Play Store because sometimes there is adware that installs any application on your smartphone or tablet without your knowledge while you use to browse.

3. Install directly from the smartphone

Well after all the preparations done, now is the time to install. If you had to download its APK file directly from the browser on your smartphone or tablet, meaning you can directly install the Google Play Store on the smartphone.

Then the application will you need is a file explorer or similar applications that can display the files you just downloaded from the browser. Discover the location of its APK file (usually found in the Downloads folder), click, and select Install when the question arises as in the picture below:

google play store apk manual install tips

4. Install from PC / laptop

Maybe you’re reading this article tips and tricks via a PC / laptop, so you have downloaded the APK file in the PC browser / laptop. No problem, just connect your smartphone or tablet using a USB cable or Bluetooth if possible through the network is available. Copy the APK file you’ve downloaded, and then Paste in the internal memory / external your smartphone (which memory is read by the PC / laptop).

Once copied, proceed by way of the number 3 and … violaa! , your Google Play Store app are already reappearing in your beloved smartphone and tablet.

It’s easy to follow, right?. Aside from the above manual method (if it still does not work as well), I suggest you to consult this issue only at the service center for the brand smartphone or tablet that you use to be handled by the experts. Good luck!

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